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Designed for political candidates, Online Candidate® provides the domain, hosting, design, tools and resources to build your online campaign.

Online Candidate makes it easy to set up and maintain a campaign website.

Stand out from your competitors and broadcast your message 24/7. You control your site and can update it anytime.

Your Campaign Website Solution – And More!

  • Great-Looking Design
    Look your best with a fantastic custom design or professionally-designed templates.

  • Responsive Design
    Your site looks great on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

  • Logo Included
    Need a campaign logo? We'll create one for you with our custom design - plus we'll give you a high-res version to use in your print materials for FREE.

  • Fundraise Online
    Fully integrate with Raise the Money and PayPal - or use any donation service you want. 

  • Leverage Social Media & Recruit Volunteers
    Connect and engage voters by linking your Facebook, Twitter and social media accounts. Recruit with a configurable volunteer form. The built-in endorsement form to collect testimonials for use in your campaign.

  • Domain Name Included
    Get a FREE .com or .net domain name of your choice. Specialty political domains like .republican and .democrat are also available.

  • Unlimited Updates
    Easy to edit pages with built-in layout styles. Embed Google Maps, YouTube videos and more. No HTML skills needed.

  • Email and Forwards
    Create campaign email accounts and unlimited email forwards.

  • Additional Tools & Exclusive Resources
    Built-in blog,events list, countdown widget, customizable forms, top image slider, form data capture, landing page generator and more are all included. Grow your campaign with exclusive training, tools and downloads at


More Than Websites

Besides political websites, we offer campaign products and services for candidates running for city, county, state or federal office.

  • Website Addon Options include Initial Content Setup, Social Media Setup,  MailChimp Integration and our Website Launch Package. Options can be ordered when you order or at a later time.
  • We also provide political marketing services to promote your online campaign. Services include IP Targeting, Political Promo Video Design and Voter Data. Combined with our tools and free resources, building an online presence has never been easier.
  • If you’re looking for campaign correspondence templates, check our Online Candidate Letter Template Package.

Also available is Running for Office as an Online Candidate. Our exclusive guide explores strategies in developing and promoting your local campaign website.

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